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This is funny as hell. Merlin is a comedic savant. (video below the cut)
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Things you really need to know about e-mail

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Preface: This message was originally addressed to users at the university where I work. As such, some of the content may be a little specific in areas, but not overly so. It turns out that this got passed around by a lot of people and I ended up hearing from people all over the place saying that someone had passed it on to them and that they’d gotten a lot from it. So I’m sharing it here on my blog, as well, with this in mind. If others read it and find it helpful, that’s great.
 But please keep in mind that this was written with only our customers in mind… OK? – Maggie


 This is a rather lengthy little essay, but one I hope you’ll all take the time to read.It pertains not just to our e-mail, but to e-mail as a whole.


Things you really need to know about e-mail

* E-mail is insecure.
We try to provide as much security as is possible by encrypting the connection between you and our mail server at all times so that so called ‘man in the middle’ attacks on you are thwarted, but once the mail leaves our server, it’s out of our hands. Please keep this in mind if you find yourself needing to share confidential or classified information. Unless the information contained in the message is encrypted, there’s no way to say how secure it is once it leaves our mail server. There is likely someone on the other end Continue Reading

Playing with WP media…

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WordPress 2.5 includes new media tools so that you can add images, videos or music to a post. I thought I’d give it a go here and see how it works. So, here’s a themed post with a mix I did a while back in Soundtrack Pro featuring a Daft Punk sample _and_ a drawing I did of Bangalter from Daft Punk for a thing called the Baby Grind (it’s like the Daily Grind, but more relaxed).
If you like the pic enough, you can buy it on t-shirt here.

The song – click to play in browser or right-click to download: Half Daft (mp3)


Oh FFS not again!?

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So, yeah. Another day, another blog. Times change. Gimme a break. I get antsy and things just… happen.

I have a couple of rants stored up that will probably spew forth soon enough, but for this first post I think it’s best to keep it light and fluffy. Like a pekingese fresh out of the dryer.

I just went back to work today after taking a 5 day weekend. It was luscious and needed and I enjoyed myself immensely, actually. On the weekend we bought mountain bikes (go team monkey!). Over a couple of days I got Harry the sommelier all set up to take the ‘Net by storm. Tuesday night I had dinner with Andy Ihnatko’s dinner club; met Rich from Bare Bones, Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater, Dave Nanian from Shirt Pocket and Andy and Brendon from CallAndy. We discussed maggot cheese and other fine dining topics. All in all a relaxing break.Then right back into it.

After spending all day today catching up on e-mail, checking the ticket system and checking in with various charges, I was ready for another mini-vacation. Such is life. Soon, Internets, soon. Sarah’s brother is coming in for a few days week after next and then I think it’s time for us to plan a real vacation.

OK, Internets. I love you, but it’s late. You should get to bed too. All you do all night is play Youtube videos and serve porn. That has to tire you out.


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